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Bering Witness Videos:

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Submarine Training Submarine Training
Watch the video of the team testing out the submarines for the first time, and share in Timo's awe at seeing bioluminescent comb jellies at 1,000 feet below the surface in a Canadian fjord. Together with a team of scientists, we will next use these submarines to conduct the first direct exploration of the world's largest underwater canyon.
Bering Voices Bering Voices (9:51)
Beginning in our 2006 tour of the Bering Sea, we spoke to many indigenous people, people who are themselves dependents of peoples who believe that God put them into the Bering Sea to protect it. Hear them as they speak of their feelings of responsibility; changes which they are watching happen almost daily, and a call to the rest of humanity to pay close attention to how we might help protect perhaps mankind's last intact ecosystem in our planet's waters called the Bering Sea!